• Wpis testowy z dodatku ActivityPub dla WordPress w wersji 1.0.1. Sprawdzam połączenie z Fediverse oraz poprawność działania komentarzy. ……. Publikacja wpisu na Masto działa. Otrzymywanie komentarzy działa. Niestety nie mam możliwości odpisywać na komentarze. 😒

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    #ActivityPub (an add-on for #Wordpress) has a block that allows visitors to follow our blog, and one that shows the latest 10 followers. 👍

  • I watched with my daughter a great movie 🍿 called Elemental (2023), and I highly recommend it to anyone, regardless of age.Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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    In the past…

  • Nice! A few new updates have come to the **Supla** system 🚀. I mean expanding the feature called 'reactions’. Now, we can perform more advanced functions depending on the time and make our homes more functional. 😉 Check on this website.

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    I like it when developers write interesting descriptions in the „What’s new” section.

  • In my opinion, AppleEvent in two words: *Nothing special…* 😕

  • Good morning! ☀️☕

  • Recently, I’ve been seeing many attempts to change my password for my Facebook account.I suspect someone is trying to take over my account…

  • Check out how cars breach privacy:https://foundation.mozilla.org/en/privacynotincluded/articles/its-official-cars-are-the-worst-product-category-we-have-ever-reviewed-for-privacy

  • Relax…

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    Cucumbers 🥒 📷